Understanding your auto insurance coverage should never involve having to learn a new language. That’s why the Wolfson-Keegan Agency is proud to be working with Nationwide to provide robust, easily customizable policies explained in language that is easy to follow.

We understand that our members are not insurance experts, and that’s why they come to us. We work hard to make sure every new policyholder understands their terms, exclusions, and limits so they get the coverage they need to drive with peace of mind in West Nyack.

This starts by building a policy, and for auto insurance that usually means starting with liability coverage. The optimal balance of coverage here respects state minimums and goes beyond them when necessary to meet your individual needs.

The next step is to look into collision and comprehensive coverage, and to set appropriate deductibles and optional features that go with each one. Discounts are also available for drivers who qualify with the right safety features installed and safe driving records.

Get the coverage you need in language that makes it easy to understand. Call (845) 535-3114 to get started with quotes or questions, or to schedule an in-person appointment for your consultation. In-person meetings are held in our office at 719 W. Nyack Rd.



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Beyond general liability and asset protection, let the Wolfson-Keegan Agency help customize coverage for the industry in which your company operates.

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